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Do I have to be 21 to visit Tally?

People under 21 are welcome to visit Tally before 6PM if accompanied by a parent or guardian

Do you have any food?

We have exotic potato chips, local beef sticks, vegetarian hand pies from Richmond Community Kitchen, and both vegetarian and beef empanadas from Jefe Alejandro. Aso, we allow outside food so you can bring a tasty meal from one of the great restaurants on North Main Street!

How much do the games cost?

$10 per hour for the 7-foot tables and $12 per hour for the 9-foot table. All other games are free for customers to enjoy.

Do you have a pool league?

We have partnered with the local APA league and host league matches every Tuesday at 6:00PM. If you'd like to join just stop by the bar on Tuesday or sign-up here.

Can you reserve pool tables?

We do not take reservations for the tables. We have a waiting list and a maximum of 1.5-hours of playtime when others are waiting

Is Tally available for private parties?

Yes, you can rent the entire venue for your private event. We can coordinate with a nearby restaurant to provide food or you can bring in outside food. Please contact for pricing and availability.

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